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We hope you find your visit to our webpage interesting and informative. We are an independent Canadian company, distributing quality electrical clothing made by Widder Enterprises in the USA.

Our electrical vests, gloves and chaps are intended primarily for motorcyclists for whom cold can be a dangerous enemy, but our clothes have applications in other outdoor sports and activities as well. You will find a short history of how and why we came into being in these pages.

If the call of the open road is irresistible to you, and like us, you want to make the most of every opportunity this great land has to offer, to ride and enjoy, then check out our products and see if we can enhance your quality of ride. We appreciate your visit and any comments or questions you may have. Please contact us by phone or email.

Electrical System Requirements

For many potential customers unfamiliar with the demands of electrical clothing, a cause for concern is how well their motorcycle battery will be able to handle the increased draw on its reserves. Consider the battery as being like a bank account. Any amount of cash (electrical current) may be withdrawn so long as an equal or larger amount is being deposited.

If you have any doubts as to whether the charging system on your bike is adequate, check the bike’s alternator capacity in watts, then subtract all the current which can be drawn by the bike’s electrical components, also in watts. The wattage remaining may be used to operate aftermarket electrical accessories.

Today’s motorcycles of 500cc or larger can usually handle three garments together without overtaxing the charging system. Three garments would be equivalent to turning on a 100 watt headlight. Most larger bikes would have no problem riding two-up with both rider and passenger each wearing the full set. Another aspect to consider is that the items will not necessarily be on all the time, or if the thermostat is adjusted to less than full capacity, there will be less draw.

Widder Canada is not a subsidiary of
Widder Enterprises of Ojai, CA. U.S.A.