Faq: About Heated Clothing

What you wanted to know about heated-clothing
but were afraid to ask?

Riding in cold weather on a motorcycle can be not only uncomfortable, but also downright dangerous. Traditionally, passive cold weather garments have been used to try to conserve a rider's body temperature. Depending on the conditions, this usually meant utilizing the "layering" method. By doing so, the rider is trying to retain some of that precious body heat.

A number of factors dictate the rate of the inevitable temperature loss such as body fat, clothing's insulating capacities, fairing protection, speed and, of course, ambient temperature to name the more important ones. These all become of much less importance when you add an additional factor to the equation... an EXTERNAL HEAT SOURCE.

With the addition of external heat you are replacing the heat lost throughout the body.

Goals for Research and Design

  • Efficient heat transfer to the torso.
  • Efficient heat transfer to the arms.
  • Minimum bulk for easy storage.
  • Minimum bulk when worn under a jacket.
  • Minimum restriction on arm movement.
  • No wrist bulk.
  • Versatility.

These criteria, according to the numerous riders testing the equipment around the nation, have been largely accomplished. Widder is pleased to bring you The System.